Mobile pressure washing - clean your deck, driveway, and anything else dirt loves.

Our Benefits

Cost Effective - refreshes and rejuvenates surfaces at a much lower cost than replacement or restoration. Save your money.

High Performing - power washing gets into the cracks and crevices, increasing cleaning performance. Super-powered performance.

Environmentally Friendly - we use environmentally conscious cleaning products, high performing and easy on the earth.

Time Saving - pressure washing can accomplish hours of scrubbing in minutes. Spend your time enjoying your life – you deserve it.

Ways We Can Help

We provide the water and the power source for your cleaning project.

House Siding - Mother Nature is your home's worst enemy. Every day rain, mold/mildew, pollens, dirt/dust, car exhaust, animal waste, and bugs/cobwebs affect your curb appeal. Pressure washing your home can prevent staining and damage, renewing the look of your castle.

Commercial Building Maintenance - Store fronts, signage, sidewalks, gum removal, weather spots and many other unique messes can be cleaned with ease to brighten up your business.

Sidewalks and Driveways - Over time, weather, moss, fall leaves, traffic, oil spills and other factors can affect the appearance of your driveway. Upgrade without re-paving, let Clean Freaks blast away the mess.

Eaves troughs - Designed to channel and push rainwater and melting snow away from your foundation and exterior walls, clean functioning eaves troughs can save you thousands of dollars in needless home repairs. Help prevent flooding and cracked basement foundations from rainwater overflow. Insects and other wildlife can cause water to accumulate in your eaves troughs because of blocked drains. Let us clean you up and help you protect your investment.

Decks and Patios - Remove the weathered look - even on treated wood. When wood gets slippery you know it’s time to pressure wash – avoid a slip and fall. Great for landlords or anyone concerned with liability. We can apply a new stain and make your deck look brand new again!