Deck and Fence Resurfacing - pressure wash sand and stain.

Not happy with the look of your deck? Over time decks can lose the quality of appearance, become discoloured, slippery, and moss and mildew can be present. When these factors are present you may avoid spending time on you deck that you once used to enjoy. Resurfacing your deck or patio can spice up your old one without the hassle and cost of replacing.

Our mobile pressure washer supplies the water required for the job and carefully removes anything unwanted, moss, animal/insect waste etc. With the help of a chemical stripper we can even remove the old weather stain and re-stain your wood.

Our professionals can recommend what stain or top coating may work best for you. For example, clear tone will not offer any UV protection as there is no colour pigment, but can show the natural grains of your wood which some people prefer.

Did you know that improving your homes curb appeal increases value to prospective buyers? Interior and exterior pressure washing, weatherproofing and fresh paint are all quick affordable projects that can benefit your home and budget.