Crazy About Cleanliness

From our superior customer relations to your sparkling clean home and business, one thing is certain; Clean Freaks is the one and only solution to your dirty situation!

We are proud to provide a whole range of professional cleaning services including timely maid services, car detailing, fleet washing, commercial clean-ups, mobile power washing and property maintenance upkeep.

Proudly servicing Kingston and area since 2006.

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Our company provides professional cleaning and property maintenance services to clients in the Kingston and area . Currently we are proud to offer to our clean obsessed patrons the following:

Legendary Car Detailing

Our art of car washing consists of thorough cleaning, vacuuming, polishing and waxing of your automobile, inside and out, followed by the under-side and lens restoration.

Be warned this will with out a doubt produce a show-quality level of detail, improve the appearance, protect and result in a general 'jaw dropping' syndrome from passerby's.

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Friendly Maid Services

Our bonded, trained and uniformed professionals will completely clean your home from top to bottom, including bedrooms, bathrooms, main rooms, entrances, hallways, kitchens, and other living areas.

We will perform general vacuuming, cleaning, dusting, and window washing, and being clean freaks we will also simply amaze you.

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Mobile Pressure Washing

Pressure washers are dangerous and should be operated with due regard to safety instructions. The water pressure near the nozzle is powerful enough to strip flesh from bone, and so dirt stands no chance!

CeanFreak laughs in the face of danger, our mobile pressure washing unit is ready to server you.

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Janitorial Services

We can accommodate any commercial need, big or small, from light cleaning, carpet cleaning, to heavy construction clean-up. Let our professional staff deliver a customized janitorial service program to suit your business needs and budget.

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Window Cleaning

New windows or old, let our professionals remove the accumulation of dirt, dust, residues, debris, smudges, and other deposits and bring new life to your windows.

A clean window is a happy window.

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Precision Painting

Superb quality interior and exterior painting for your house or business.

When you need precision, attention to detail, excellent experience and fabulous application of paint, than you need need us, so let us paint your bedroom, shed, garage, office, or whatever you fancy.

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Deck Resurfacing

Over time decks can lose the quality of appearance, become discoloured, slippery, and moss and mildew can be present.

Resurfacing your deck or patio can spice up your old one without the hassle and cost of replacing.

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Why we are loved

My daughter loves the floors

I am writing to tell you my daughter is loving the squeky clean floors! Also thanks for cleaning our house on such a short notice. Eric, I am confident you will be hearing from us again calling for your services. –Jonathan Faber @Apr 23, 2018